The DNA of the future recruiter

At the recent RCSA Conference on Hamilton Island, Greg Savage, author of the popular recruitment blog The Savage Truth, shared his views on the skills needed for today’s recruiters to thrive in an ever-evolving world.

With the recruitment industry experiencing a vast amount of technology-led disruption, Savage warned recruiters to remain ahead of the game and think about what changes they could act upon immediately that would directly affect the cost and benefit of the recruiter.

Savage believes the future of recruitment is where technology meets skilled human interaction, or art meets science. While greater investment and applied change is the biggest disruptor, Savage advised that it’s the smartest strategy, not the best technology, that will be most beneficial to recruiters, with the leverage point still the people hired and retained. The key to success, he says, is ensuring a work environment isn’t being created and fostered where people cling to the way they used to do things, as staff need to actively come on that change and growth journey.

The importance of re-skilling recruiters to become ‘future recruiters’ was a key point of Savage’s presentation, highlighting that some of today’s highly-skilled recruiters could become ‘yesterday’s heroes’ if they’re skilled in the wrong areas.

Greg Savage’s tips to become a ‘future recruiter’:

  1. Be a master sourcer – become a thought leader in your niche.

  2. Be a seducer – engagement creates interest, skilled messaging and relationship building. Convert the passive voice to active and take a long-term view.

  3. Promote your personal brand – don’t make assumptions; create smart content that talks to your target market.

  4. Be a crafter – technology cannot create empathy. Be the consultative, trusted adviser using your deep knowledge, intellect and influencing skills.

  5. Be a networker – be the connector and remain connected.

  6. Have the ‘edge’ – seek out opportunities to continuously learn, and own your influence.

In some parting words, Savage advised everyone to take responsibility for disrupting their own business because the people with the best people always win, and a recruiter’s capacity is the epicentre of competitive advantage and the currency of wealth creation.
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