Stay up-to-date with your SEEK company reviews page using RSS feeds

We’ve introduced RSS feeds throughout all SEEK company review pages to allow you, or multiple people within your organisation, to subscribe and be notified every time a new employee review is published.

RSS feeds are notifications that remove the need for you to manually check your page for updates. Here are a few ways that can make RSS feeds work for you:

3 ways you can use RSS feeds to stay up-to-date

In your email inbox

Setting up email notifications can be easily configured in your email client. Simply search your provider’s support or help pages to find out more. For example, in Outlook you can subscribe to a RSS feed through your 'Account Settings' under the 'File' menu. To access your company's individual RSS feed just add /feed to the end of your page URL, i.e.

Through a third-party tool like an RSS reader

There are a variety of tools that can collate and house your RSS feeds. If you already have one set up, just search through the help or support pages to learn how to add a new RSS feed.

Within your social media monitoring platform

To set up a subscription to a new RSS feed, have a look through your social media monitoring platform's help or support pages, or give your provider a call to see if this is something they are able to support.

By setting up these notifications, you’ll be able to track your page activity and keep up-to-date with new employee reviews as they're added. Get in touch with your technology providers or give us a call if you have any questions.
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