Sport and recreation: ongoing demand for talented sports coaches and professionals

A shift to a healthier lifestyle has created massive growth within the sports and recreation sector over the past five years, with employment growth expected to continue.

According to the Department of Employment's JobOutlook, from 2009–2013, employment numbers rose by more than 27%. This is a significant increase when the national average has sat at around 7%.

With the Department of Employment also predicting a further 13.5% growth in employment over the next five years, businesses need to start thinking differently about the way they source the right talent, and how they plan to keep them engaged.

Key findings from SEEK's Sport and Recreation Industry Insights Report

SEEK's Sport and Recreation Industry Insights Report analyses historical and predicted employment trends produced by the Department of Employment, along with supply and demand trends produced by SEEK.

2 most difficult roles to source nationally

  • Fitness and personal training.

  • Coaching and instruction.

2 disciplines attracting the highest salaries

  • Coaching and instruction ($68,929–$83,213).

  • Sports management ($61,822–$74,533).

Interested in other industries too? Download a copy of our 2015 SEEK Industry Insights Report, which sums up the top metrics across every SEEK classification.

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