How SEEK uses its Hackathon to attract new and retain current employees

Over 200 SEEKers (SEEK employees) registered to burn the midnight oil at a 48-hour Hackathon recently, which saw employees from all departments and levels collaborate to uncover exciting new products, services and solutions.

Hackathons typically bring together leading-technology minds to collaboratively innovate IT solutions. At SEEK, we use the event as an opportunity to develop engagement among employees from all departments across the business, as well as attract prospective talent.

A Hackathon is all about taking a concept and evolving it through to a finished product. A concept can’t get to market without the expertise of all aspects of our business, right from data administration through to branding and sales. We’re keen to get our SEEKers working together because that’s when the best calibre of products and solutions are created. We’re dedicated to developing an environment where all ideas have merit and employees can be creative without confinement.

Shine bright

We employ some of the brightest talent from across Australia and the organisation is always looking to integrate new people who can contribute to the ongoing innovation at SEEK. We have also invited prospective employees down to the event to allow them to get a feel for how we work and the type of environment that they’d operate within – one of fast-paced innovation and challenging the status quo.

We hosted our first SEEK Hackathon in 2013. Of the 20 ideas hacked, four were entered into our development pipeline. It’s rewarding for employees to see their ideas come to fruition. We believe the Hackathon is another way for us to demonstrate our dedication to creating a collaborative environment in which SEEKers can thrive.

Innovation is essential to the improvement and development of the products and services that we provide to our hirers and candidates. The Hackathon gives SEEKers an opportunity to show their passion for their work and allows them to put ideas that they may have been keeping to themselves into practice.

Through events like the Hackathon, we are looking forward to unearthing real concepts and solutions that will benefit both hirers and candidates.

In a bid to create the best hack, Hackathon team leaders rallied to recruit talent for their teams from across our business. The teams dispersed to various workspaces and over the two days they designed their hacks, built prototypes, and developed a marketing strategy and delivery plan. They then present their hacks, which is put to a live vote.

The Hackathon is a great way for SEEKers to work together and collaborate in an environment where their day-to-day roles don't permit it. The importance of developing new skills and allowing employees to see how other departments work is key to driving real innovation on an ongoing basis.
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