SEEK Employment Trends Australia: weak dollar promotes hospitality and tourism industry

The lower Australian Dollar is having a positive impact on Australia’s hospitality and tourism industry, which is good news for the economy and employers. International visitors now see Australia as an affordable place to holiday, and Aussies are choosing to spend their weaker dollar on local holidays.

International visitors to Australia are up 7% for 2015, while domestic overnight trips are up 5% during the same period. Reflecting on the increase in tourism, and the flow-on effect this is having for hospitality, SEEK has seen a healthy demand in hospitality and tourism jobs advertised. New positions in this industry are up 11% year-on-year to November 2015.

Michael Ilczynski, Managing Director of SEEK Employment, says there is a growing demand for hotels and restaurants to meet the rise in domestic and international visitors.

“Housekeeping and kitchenhand jobs have experienced the biggest growth, both up 20% from last year; while chefs and cooks and management positions are up 17%. Bar and beverage staff and waiting staff are up 7% and 6% respectively,” says Ilczynski.

While the largest employing sectors within the industry are experiencing positive growth, some of the smaller advertising sectors are seeing declines. Demand for travel agents and reservations staff has dropped as customers turn to online platforms to make their own travel and accommodation bookings.

Of the largest employing states, New South Wales experienced the biggest year-on-year growth in new job ads in hospitality and tourism, up 14%; followed by Victoria, up 12%; and Queensland, up 6%. South Australia experienced an 18% increase, albeit a small employing state. Western Australia dipped 2%.

“The strong growth across many of the states in hospitality and tourism is great news for job-seekers. We see that the industry typically offers a good mix of full-time and part-time roles, so if this is a career pathway, or an opportunity for a summer holiday job, the opportunities are out there,” says Ilczynski.

According to the Tourism and Transport Forum, the peak industry group for Australian tourism, transport and aviation sectors, New South Wales attracted 3.3 million international visitors in the year to September 2015 – up a healthy 6% on the previous year.

“We are seeing massive growth in the Chinese market for New South Wales, with 536,000 visitors (up 21%) spending over $2.2 billion in the year to September. That means more demand for restaurants, cafés and accommodation. Jobs are being created to support the demand on businesses servicing the industry,” says Tourism and Transport Forum CEO, Margy Osmond.

“Tourism is a fantastic sector to be employed in and represents a great opportunity to develop important skills that will be used throughout any fulfilling career path,” she says.

Across Australia

SEEK new job advertisements are 9% higher than the same time last year, following a year of steady growth. This upward trend is reflected by the number of jobs advertised on SEEK rising 1.3% from October 2015 to November 2015.

Job advertisements remain stronger in the states least exposed to mining. Tasmania presented an annual rise of 22.3%, the Australian Capital Territory grew 21%, New South Wales has increased 14.4% and Victoria has gained by 14.2%. Western Australia job ads are now 13.1% lower than November 2014 figures.

The Northern Territory is starting to weaken, with job advertising declining 2% in November – the fifth consecutive monthly drop.

Advertising in Queensland has made a modest recovery over the past year, now sitting 6.9% higher than a year earlier. In South Australia, new job ads are up 5% year-on-year.

Across the country, there has been slightly less applications per job advertised, which means less competition for job-seekers in the roles they’re applying for.
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