SEEK Employment Trends Australia: summer jobs bonanza heats up hospitality sector

Australia's hospitality and tourism jobs sector is set to sizzle over summer with a 29% increase in available roles from May to November 2013, says SEEK Managing Director, Joe Powell.

"Jobs within Australia's hospitality and tourism sector naturally fluctuate to match seasonal demand. However, year-on-year data from the SEEK Hospitality and Tourism Job Ad Data Report has revealed a significant improvement in the number of hospitality and tourism roles available Australia-wide," says Powell.

The spike in jobs figures can in-part be attributed to the 6% increase in international travellers to Australia, as recorded by Tourism Australia; and a 29.5% year-on-year increase in the investment of new rooms for hotels and resorts across Australia, as noted by Careers Hospitality.

Victoria experienced the largest year-on-year growth, as well as a 37% half-yearly overall increase in jobs. This increase can be linked to Melbourne's position as Australia's most popular overnight destination for interstate travellers, receiving 4.5 million visitors annually, according to Tourism Victoria.

"Victoria has led the way with an 86% year-on-year improvement in reservation roles, a 39% increase in front office and guest services roles, and a 29% increase in management-focused positions.

"As a state, Victoria offers the best opportunity for those looking for a more senior position, whether short or long term," says Powell.

Opportunities in Queensland have also improved significantly with a 47% increase year-on-year for travel agent positions, a 21% increase for management roles and a 17% rise in front office and guest services roles.

"The sunshine state has recorded its biggest growth in visitors since the financial crisis. The growing influx of international holidaymakers offers promising opportunities for employers and job-seekers alike."

New South Wales has also experienced across-the-board job growth in this industry, supported by a surprising leap in the number of travel agent roles available, with wholesale and inbound group booking roles on the rise.

Peter Davis, Managing Director of hospitality recruitment specialists, Frontline Recruitment Group, believes that while the figures show many opportunities for candidates, employers are still selective and want good talent.

"A lot of new hotels and restaurants have opened up, particularly in Brisbane, and are now advertising for hospitality roles, such as chefs. Despite the ongoing hospitality skills shortage, employers are actually being quite choosy," says Davis.

"The holiday season is the peak time for tourism and hospitality-focused businesses to earn revenue.

"They want to make accurate hires as they cannot afford to waste time training unproductive staff. Employers will look at all the available talent in the market before hiring," says Davis.

Similarly, candidates are wary of moving from a stable job to a new employer, so it's important that both employers and candidates feel that they are making informed decisions about the roles on offer.

"While many hospitality staff are cautious, just as many are still highly mobile with workers following the next holiday season or hotspot. They watch the market closely to identify where the next potential employment opportunities are.

"Finding the best employment opportunities is especially important for those hospitality workers looking to secure a sought-after permanent position, as only one in five short-term contracts will turn into long-term roles," says Davis.

Powell believes that employers can increase accuracy during the hiring process by using tools like SEEK Talent Search to actively identify candidates who might be a perfect fit for the role, but have yet to apply.

SEEK Talent Search allows employers to use filter and refinement tools to quickly narrow down the list of candidates who best meet the requirements of the job they have advertised, and then connect with them through the Send Job functionality.

"Employers cannot afford to take a scattergun approach to securing talent. When looking for temporary staff they must ensure that their recruitment investment pays dividends, which is why SEEK is continuously investing in a range of products to help hirers match and connect with the right candidates," concludes Powell.
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