SEEK Employment Trends Australia: south-eastern states spearhead biggest increase in new job ads since 2011

The latest figures from SEEK shows that after four months of stability there has been a strong increase of 3.2% month-on-month in the number of new job ads (seasonally adjusted) across Australia. This change in new job ad volume represents the biggest monthly increase since April 2011.

SEEK Managing Director, Joe Powell, says, "the rise in new job ads was particularly notable in the south-eastern states, with Victoria delivering an 8.1% rise in new job ads, South Australia a strong 7.8% and New South Wales 2.3%."

"It's great to see signs of growth in the labour market; however, care should be taken in interpreting one month's data. This is particularly so at the present time when seasonal patterns can be affected by the interactions of Christmas and New Year holidays. Nevertheless, there are signs of renewed growth in some recent economic indicators, notably retail sales and in housing approvals. The positive activity happening at a broader economic level appears to be influencing the demand for labour.

"The SEEK Employment Index, which measures labour market demand against supply, was up 1%, which tells us the number of new ads has risen more rapidly than applications across the country. The rising demand for labour may induce a return to job-seeking for those out of the market, or provide confidence to those looking to a change of company or career," says Powell.

By contrast, Queensland and Western Australia remain subdued, albeit Western Australia to a lesser degree, displaying three consecutive months of job ad volume increases by less than 1.4%.

Fastest moving jobs (November 2013–December 2013)

  • ICU nurses, up 30%.

  • Tertiary teachers, up 27%.

  • Painters, up 27%.

  • Brand managers, up 27%.

  • Medical researchers, up 26%.

SEEK new job ads

SEEK new job ads increased by 3.2% across Australia in November 2013. State-by-state breakdown is:

  • New South Wales, 2.3%.

  • Victoria, 8.1%.

  • South Australia, 7.8%.

  • Queensland, -1%.

  • Western Australia, 0.9%.

SEEK Employment Index (SEI)

The SEEK Employment Index increased by 1% across Australia in November 2013. State-by-state breakdown is:

  • New South Wales, 0.5%.

  • Victoria, 4.5%.

  • Queensland, -2.7%.

  • Western Australia, 1.4%.

  • South Australia, 3.5%.

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