SEEK Employment Trends Australia: manufacturing, transport and logistics a viable career option

The latest SEEK job figures show that the manufacturing, transport and logistics industry is showing areas of opportunity for job-seekers, improving from a low point in 2013.

New job ads in assembly and process work are up 24% year-on-year, and new job ad growth has also been seen in pickers and packers, machine operators, warehousing, and storage and distribution.

Managing Director of Employment at SEEK, Michael Ilczynski, says, “the pull-back in mining investment has had a significant impact on the combined manufacturing, transport and logistics industry.”

Parts of the industry that are heavily reliant or linked to mining, such as mining-related transport and manufacturing, continue to decline.

“However, the strength of the New South Wales and Victorian markets, which are less exposed to mining, are creating opportunities within this industry, particularly in transport,” says Ilczynski.

While SEEK new job ads fell 3.1% nationally in May (somewhat reversing the 4.7% gains recorded in April), job advertising across Australia is 8% higher than a year ago.

“The fall we’ve seen in May data is not surprising given the notable increase in new job ads that we witnessed in April. April data is often inconsistent due to the interruption of advertising as a result of Easter and ANZAC Day public holidays,” Ilczynski concluded.
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