SEEK Employment Trends Australia: healthy outlook for those looking for career opportunities

SEEK’s latest Labour Market Report reveals that the healthcare and medical industry is one of heightened labour demand, based on the latest new job ad figures reported by SEEK. Year-on-year to March 2015, new job ads rose 14% nationally within the industry.

All states saw the growth in new job ads for healthcare and medical outpace average job ad growth across all industries, except for South Australia, which is tracking at subdued levels despite having strong growth in the industry.

Broadly, the growth in new job ads was driven by an increase in labour demand for nurses. Aged care nursing, which is the largest employing nursing specialty, increased 11% year-on-year. New job ads for more specific nursing roles, including nurse facilitators, ICU nurses, paediatric nurses and psychiatric nurses, experienced growth of more than 40% year-on-year to March 2015.

Managing Director of Employment at SEEK, Michael Ilczynski, says, “as one of Australia’s largest employing industries, it’s encouraging to see an increase in job opportunities across all states – particularly for those who are interested in seeking careers in this field.”

Nationally, new job ads in March 2015 remain relatively unchanged, nudging up 0.2% from February 2015. New job ads are now 6.7% higher than March 2014.

More broadly, the message remains that there is strength in job advertising in the mostly non-mining states of New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and the Australian Capital Territory. But, relative weakness continues in states more exposed to mining. This is particularly so for Western Australia, which year-on-year is down 12.4% in new job ads.

“Although mining wanes, the exceptional growth in medical and healthcare roles in Western Australia is a direct flow on effect from the steep population growth the boom brought with it a few years back,” says Ilczynski.
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