SEEK Employment Trends Australia: government hiring

Latest data from SEEK shows new job ads are now 9.1% higher year-on-year to September 2015. The result comes after job ads in September remained relatively unchanged, following August’s strong 2.1% increase. The moderate upward trend in new job ads across Australia continues.

The overall annual rise in SEEK new job ads is a result of the ongoing strength in some key classifications, including education and training, design and architecture, healthcare and medical, trades and services, and information communication technology.

There are also improvements in sales, marketing and communications; retail; hospitality and tourism; and manufacturing, all likely benefiting from the weaker Australian dollar.

Industry insight: government and defence up

Advertising in government and defence has been trending higher since early 2014.

Managing Director of Employment at SEEK, Michael Ilczynski, says candidates seeking employment in this area will be pleased to see an increase in opportunities available on SEEK.

The largest job advertising categories in government and defence on SEEK are all up year-on-year, aside from Federal Government, which has remained broadly flat. Local Government is up 14%, policy planning and regulation up 14% and State Government up 12%.

“With the exception of Federal Government advertising, each area has recorded healthy double digit gains. It will be interesting to see how the recent changes within the Federal Government impact job opportunities in the Federal public sector,” observed Ilczynski.

Northern Territory experienced the largest growth in government and defence new jobs year-on-year (up 117%); however this is a relatively small market.

“Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales and Victoria, which have the largest share of government and defence job opportunities, enjoyed notable year-on-year growth, up 43%, 5% and 1% respectively,” Ilczynski went on to say.

Public Sector Director of Hays, Kathy Kostyrko said State Governments across Australia, particularly in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland, have seen an increase in recruitment following a reduction in workforces over the past few years. Following recent elections, departments are now settled back into doing business, which adds to the hiring spike.

“With the maturing of Local Government mergers in a number of states, recruitment has begun to grow in areas where funding has been increased,” she says.

“Many departments have moved to engage contractors and temporary/labour hire staff, seeing it as a good alternative to bring in skills into the public service for limited periods of time. This has helped keep head count at manageable levels, while also providing resources for key projects. We have seen a big spike in this area, particularly in the Australian Capital Territory.”

Hays is predicting a high demand in the October to December 2015 quarter for talented external budget accountants, project accountants, and financial accountants, with systems experience unique to Federal Government. Procurement advice professionals are also sought as new government branches are established and reform processes get underway. Media and communications professionals with strong government experience are always in high demand, according to Hays.

“We’re also seeing a need for executive assistants with State Government experience, while data analysts are sought by State Government to report on research.”

Job ad trends by state: recovery in Queensland, advertising continues

The recent strengthening in Queensland job advertising is an important development.

“SEEK consistently sees around 70% more job advertisements onsite for Queensland than for Western Australia each month. As such, the 8.5% year-on-year growth in Queensland advertising is more than outweighing the 13.5% year-on-year contraction in Western Australia advertising.

“This data provides another lens supporting the contention that the improvement in the non-mining parts of the economy is currently more than outweighing the drag experienced from mining, especially from a labour market perspective,” Ilczynski says.

This trend is also evident in the continuing strength of the year-on-year growth rates in New South Wales, up 15.4% year-on-year; Victoria, up 11%; the Australian Capital Territory, up 29.1%; and Tasmania, up 19.6%.

At a monthly view, there was minimal movement across the states, with Queensland up 1.2% month-on-month from August, South Australia up 1.1% and Victoria up 0.9%. New South Wales dipped 2.1% and Western Australia was down 0.8%.
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