SEEK Employment Trends Australia: continued new job ad growth drives job-seeker confidence

New job ads rose by 2.8% over the three months to April 2014, according to SEEK data. The data shows the growth in new job ads set at the end of 2013 has continued into 2014, perhaps reflecting some stability in the confidence of employers and job-seekers.

“Toward the end of 2013, we saw signs that the labour market was showing strong confidence. It’s been encouraging to see the continuation of that confidence into 2014, despite the recent talks of the need for economic reform from the Federal Government,” says SEEK Managing Director, Joe Powell.

According to Powell it is also encouraging to see a correction in Australia’s two-speed economy, with non-mining states driving employment opportunities across the country.

SEEK’s data shows month-on-month new job growth can be seen in New South Wales (2.4%), Victoria (1.3%) and South Australia (1%). New job ads declined by 3.6% month-on-month in Western Australia and 0.4% in Queensland.

The SEEK Employment Index measures the ratio of new job ads placed with SEEK to the number of applications for those jobs, a key indicator to understanding the relationship between demand and supply for labour. In April, a 2.8% national fall in the Index was evident across all states.

In seasonally-adjusted terms, new job ads listed in April rose by 0.8% month-on-month; however, applications for those jobs rose by 3.7%. It points to an activated job-seeking market, which indicates an underlying excess supply of labour.

The strongest growth in applications occurred in those states that also had the biggest increase in new job ads. Powell believes the job market could soon see new applicants entering the market.

“The more jobs that are available, the more confidence job-seekers will have to re-enter the market or take the next step in their career,” says Powell. The top five growing types of roles, year-on-year, are design and architecture (up 102.94%), carpentry and cabinet making (up 101.12%), human resources and internal recruitment (up 64.84%), vocational trainers (up 59.02%) and builders (up 58.48%).

SEEK new job ads

New job ads on SEEK rose month on month 0.8% in April 2014. State-by-state breakdown is:

  • New South Wales, 2.4%.

  • Victoria, 1.3%.

  • South Australia, 1%.

  • Queensland, -0.4%.

  • Western Australia, -3.6%.

SEEK Employment Index (SEI)

The SEEK Employment Index fell 2.8% in April 2014. State-by-state breakdown is:

  • New South Wales, -2.3%.

  • Victoria, -4.1%.

  • Queensland, -2.1%.

  • Western Australia, -2.4%.

  • South Australia, -6%.

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