SEEK company reviews: helping companies find the best-fit candidates

From checking out a company’s website, scrolling through social media or getting word of mouth recommendations from their existing networks, 74% of candidates start researching potential employers to gain insight into a company’s culture and values in the very early stages of their job search.

Providing a trusted, authentic source of information for candidates was the key purpose behind the development of the recently-launched SEEK company reviews.

While aimed at candidates, SEEK company reviews gives employers another platform to promote their employer value proposition and engage with potential job-seekers. Featuring both company information and user-generated content in a review-style format, company reviews was developed by SEEK as a tool to help candidates better understand if they are the right cultural fit for an organisation.

SEEK company reviews also aims to ensure hirers will have access to a stronger pool of engaged candidates with clear expectations about what an organisation offers its employees. Before they even get to the interview stage, hirers can feel confident candidates not only meet the required skill set for a role but are interested in the organisation’s offering as a whole and have values that align with a company’s workplace culture.

SEEK company reviews is in the spotlight

SEEK’s company reviews media campaign, which will be launched on Sunday 6 March 2016, will put the spotlight on this new offering for candidates with messaging that encourages them to read ‘real reviews by real employees’. The campaign will roll out across all markets and include a TVC, bespoke social content and a competition looking for Australia’s most super fabulous workplace.

Airing across Australia, the television commercial highlights for candidates the importance of being the right fit for a company before accepting a role. Depicting a new employee being shown around the office on his first day, though everyone else in the company seems very happy, it’s clear the new employee’s initial impressions of the company culture and values don’t align with his own.

This campaign builds on SEEK’s most recent campaign, which encouraged candidates to create a SEEK profile or update their existing one, increasing the volume and quality of relevant candidate profiles that can be accessed and used for talent sourcing via SEEK Talent Search.

The sponsorship of Australia’s Got Talent that kicked off with the profiles campaign in February 2016 will continue with revised messaging: ‘now you can be the judge, read real company reviews on SEEK.’

This campaign will run in all markets on and off for the next four months.

Thousands of company review pages and growing

Since launching in December 2015, SEEK company reviews already features thousands of company review profiles. All reviews are posted by past or present employees and are manually moderated by SEEK to ensure authenticity. Each company also has a review star rating on their profile page, which features on job ads posted.

SEEK company reviews will help attract the right talent to apply for vacant roles. Engaged candidates typically search for more information than is generally available in a job ad or position description to help them make informed, long-term career choices. Beyond the advertised role, candidates consider the company’s vision, values, culture and reputation, and the more these align, the more productive and positive the hiring outcome can be for both parties.

Research conducted by SEEK shows candidates highly value current or past employees’ recommendations and insight about a workplace when deciding whether a company’s values and vision align with their own. The information is more valued because it comes from ‘those in the know’ and when combined with a company’s own brand messaging helps candidates make better informed decisions.

With 55% of Australian internet users reading online reviews or blogs and 65% taking up to five reviews into consideration before making a final decision, having honest and useful information available on independent platforms, like SEEK’s company reviews, strengthens engagement with candidates.

Find out more information about SEEK company reviews and how you can use it to engage your talent community via our Information for Employers and FAQs pages.

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