Recruitment industry leaders top the hard-to-source list

When we look across all the roles that fall into SEEK’s human resources and recruitment classification, recruitment agency managers are the most difficult role to source for.

Why? Perhaps, tough market conditions are pushing leaders too hard and for too long. Perhaps, we’re looking at a sophisticated breed of professionals who are savvy at using connections to find their next move. In any case, if your business is on the hunt for a recruitment leader, you’re going to need to diversify your sourcing strategies to find them.

When we break this classification into two components – human resources and recruitment – some clear employment growth trends emerge. “Growth? Really?,” we hear you say. You wouldn’t think so if you look back over the past three years. Employment in the human resources sector has actually declined marginally from 2011 to 2013. However, that looks set to change with the Department of Employment predicting a 10% growth for the category between 2013 and 2018. In fact, demand for HR professionals, in particular, is expected to grow by 13%, nearly double the national average.

On the flip side, IBISWorld predicts that the 'employment placement and recruitment' sector is only going to grow marginally over the next few years – up 1.2% by 2018.

Key findings from SEEK's Human Resources and Recruitment Industry Insights Report

SEEK’s Human Resources and Recruitment Industry Insight Report analyses historical and predicted employment trends produced by the Department of Employment and IBISWorld, and, supply and demand trends produced by SEEK.

3 most difficult roles to source nationally

  • Recruitment agency managers.

  • Remuneration and benefits specialists.

  • Industrial relations and employee relationship specialists.

New South Wales dominates candidate supply in these hard-to-fill disciplines.

3 disciplines attracting the highest salaries

  • Internal HR managers ($101,3330–$125,957).

  • Recruitment agency managers ($91,385–$115,922).

  • Organisational development ($88,193–$110,512).

Use SEEK’s Human Resources and Recruitment Industry Insight Report to position yourself as a subject matter expert and make clever talent sourcing decisions that will support your business’ future development. Interested in other industries too? Download a copy of our latest Industry Insights Report, which sums up the top metrics across every SEEK job classification.

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