It's a candidate's market

In today’s employment market, the growing skills shortage, along with significant changes to candidate search behaviours, has impact for all hirers.

Sourcing the right talent is critical to any organisation’s success, and for small to medium businesses, where smaller teams emphasise the critical nature of each hire, every single SME hire has strategic impact.

Skills shortage is the new normal

It’s a familiar story. Renewed demand for labour, an ageing population and rapid technological changes all contribute to an equation where the number of workers required exceeds the number of workers available. This shortfall puts additional competitive pressure on SMEs, who operate across multiple impacted industries.

SEEK monitors where the hardest to fill roles sit in the market. The top 10 affected industries currently include white-collar industries like legal, insurance and superannuation, banking and finance. While there are supply nuances across each of these industries, the overarching trend is clear; when it comes to sourcing talent in Australia, there is a broad supply versus demand issue, with the compression no longer confined to a particular trade or service.

Mobile is the biggest story

Mobile is the biggest story in recruitment. Information is power and candidates now hold the balance, able to search for jobs from a device that is both constantly accessible and instantly updated with employment opportunities.

SEEK has seen exponential growth in mobile search; of the record 25.8 million visits to SEEK in June 2014, 53% came from a mobile device – that’s up from 38% just one year ago. Today, Australian candidates can constantly monitor the market from their hand-held device. It’s not just scrolling either – we’ve also seen a rapid increase in completed applications, with 23% of all SEEK applications now submitted via a mobile device.

For SMEs, putting employment opportunities where the candidate is looking has never been more important, and it’s never been easier. SEEK optimises all ads for mobile and with SEEK Profiles, candidates can also easily apply via mobile; completing their recruitment journey before they’ve even hit their desk.

The benefits of SEEK Profiles are reciprocal. With access to 2.4 million candidate profiles, hirers can just as easily reach out to desirable candidates. SEEK Profiles offer a two-way connection for candidates and hirers, with mobile helping to facilitate the match.

Attracting the best talent remains a key challenge, whether you are recruiting for a large organisation or from within one of Australia’s many SMEs. Competition for talent is fierce; huge opportunities exist for any organisation that leverages mobile to reach the right candidate – at the time of their job application.
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