How to attract the best talent

Talent. The word itself means natural endowment of ability or superior quality. To us, it means more than just a candidate, it’s THE candidate. So how best to attract the right talent when intentions for changing jobs and applications are high? How do you get the cream of the crop and a cultural match?

At this year’s Australian Talent Conference (ATC), SEEK posed this question to some key delegates and speakers. Here’s the list of some fundamental factors that they believe organisations need to attract the right candidate.

Culture is king

The talent utopia is attraction not recruitment and this is best achieved with an employer brand that sells itself. If your employer brand is strong, well respected and perceived by former, current and prospective employees as attractive, you will find that talent is attracted to the organisation without any opportunities even advertised. Invest in your current employees and build your company culture and this will pay back in dividends, as your staff become the biggest advocates and promote employment opportunities on your behalf.

Let your content do your talking

Mike Bailen, Director of Recruiting at Eventbrite, believes that one of the best strategies for attracting the right talent is by showcasing your company’s brand though your content. By developing rich content that gives context and insight of what it's like to work at your organisation, what challenges you are facing as a company and your vision and direction, you provide the opportunity for better connection to your brand and values. This will naturally attract or detract, meaning those who identify and align with your vision are likely to be attracted to working for you.

Top dollar

We all know that money talks and that pay is often a key criteria for many. But are you paying for the best talent or matching the talent to the salary band? By hiring the best talent you can, you have a more highly-skilled and qualified workforce, with arguably better outputs. It may mean that you have one outstanding employee as opposed to two mediocre, but we all know that that doesn’t mean half the output when the right talent is hired.

Use your industry nous

Director of Talent Acquisition for Amazon, Todd Davis, believes that a strong and thorough understanding of the industry you are hiring in, its associations and governing bodies will help you unearth the best talent for your next hire. Investing time in the research phase to learn more about the industry and the individual will allow you to make better decisions to ensure the fit and the opportunity is right.

It’s not easy, but key to attracting the right talent is being the best business you can be. Pay well, build a strong and positive culture, promote your company with a detailed and engaging look at what you have to offer and be connected and respected in your industry – get these right and there is little doubt the best in the business will want to work for you.
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