Can I get some privacy please?

It’s the social and sharing age. Yet sometimes, well a lot of the time, it’s the oversharing age. But at a time where people are more than happy to share their private details, and images, on just about anything, privacy is becoming a big topic.

Last year, significant changes were made to Australian privacy laws, replacing the National Privacy Principles with the Australian Privacy Principles. In the recruitment industry, that meant notifications had to be made to candidates at the time of their application that personal information had been collected and would be used, stored and disclosed in accordance with a company's privacy policy. However, as we see continued upswing in the number of SEEK Profiles on our site (currently at just over four million), we are also increasingly fielding queries around privacy and the access of information.

So here is the low-down. Any candidate who loads a SEEK Profile can control who can see their profile, how much they see and who can contact them regarding employment opportunity.

Different types of privacy levels for SEEK Profiles

There are three privacy settings on a SEEK Profile that the candidate can choose from, each providing varying degrees of access for potential employers searching the profiles. They are:

  1. Standard – this privacy setting maximises job-seeking opportunities within SEEK Profiles. It allows any potential employer, with access, to view their profile and resume. It allows employers the ability to contact the candidate directly regarding opportunities that are a match.

  2.  Limited – this privacy setting withholds a candidate’s resume and direct contact details. It allows prospective employers to view their SEEK Profile only and to contact them via SEEK, not directly.

  3. Hidden – this is the most restrictive privacy setting. When selected, the profile or resume can’t be viewed, nor can the employers contact the candidate with opportunities.

Obviously, the more information that is shared the more opportunity is created. However, we understand that candidates have different comfort levels and our privacy settings provide peace of mind for everyone. Unlike other social profiles, a SEEK Profile can only be seen by employers and recruiters registered with SEEK, making for more authentic and receptive interactions.
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