Advertising, arts and media: it's getting tougher to find quality talent

If you have been seeking out talent in the advertising, arts and media industry over the past five years, it may have felt like there was generally a ground swell of good talent available across the industry. However, you may find the landscape becoming more and more difficult over the next few years, as employment growth (and competition for candidates) returns.

Despite a surge in 2012, the overall view saw 2013 employment numbers in advertising, arts and media drop by more than 11% since 2009. When a category shrinks, the power shifts to the employer. You have more choice, you can negotiate, you can demand more and if you want to, you can take your time. However, it is rare for the power shift to last forever. As economic growth improves and businesses invest, finding that same quality talent becomes all the more difficult.

With the Department of Employment predicting 9% growth in employment for this industry over the next five years, businesses need to start thinking differently about the way they source the right talent, and how they plan to keep them engaged, especially in areas of already low supply, such as media planners and buyers, managers and art directors.

Key findings from SEEK's Advertising, Arts and Media Industry Insights Report

SEEK’s Advertising, Arts and Media Industry Insights Report analyses historical and predicted employment trends produced by the Department of Employment, and supply and demand trends produced by SEEK.

3 most difficult roles to source nationally

  1. Media strategy, planning and buying.

  2. Management.

  3. Art direction.

New South Wales dominated candidate supply.

3 disciplines attracting the highest salaries

  1. Managers ($81,544–$104,586).

  2. Art direction ($78,289–$95,131).

  3. Agency account management ($71,804–$89,151).

Use SEEK’s Advertising, Arts and Media Industry Insights Report to position yourself as a subject matter expert and make clever talent sourcing decisions that will support your business’ future development. Interested in other industries too? Download a copy of our latest Industry Insights Report, which sums up the top metrics across every SEEK job classification.

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