7 time-saving tips for hiring

So much hiring to do, so little time. No matter what, there are never enough hours in the day and the to-do list never seems to shorten. But is this due to overloading or inefficiency, or both? Here are seven time-saving tips for hiring:

1. Time auditing – are you always running late? Are you double handling tasks? Do you know how long the key tasks of your job take? How much time do you set aside for reference checks, an interview, loading a job, taking a brief? We suggest a time audit. Over a week-long period, note down how long things are actually taking, especially if they are taking longer than you thought. Then apply this knowledge when planning out your next day or week, ensuring you have a realistic allowance of time allocated to the things that need to be completed. Plan a little down time too for that all important impromptu coffee catch up. In no time, you will be back in control of your time and ticking roles off your list.

2. Stop multi-tasking – we know it’s a skill set that proudly sits on your CV, one you probably even bandied around in your job interview, but you really must stop multi-tasking. Dedicated time, focus and attention to one job at a time will help with efficiency, build momentum and you'll be able to get back to candidates faster because great talent doesn’t wait! Focus on one role that you're trying to fill and complete all the associated tasks earmarked for today before moving on to focus on the next role. This will cut out the wasted time of shifting focus and bouncing between clients, hiring managers and/or jobs advertised.

3. Smart sourcing – work at building and accessing a talent pool and use it. These are the candidates you have dealt with previously – applicants, interviews, placements and enquiries – that you should be checking against the job for fit and opportunity. With over four million profiles, SEEK Talent Search is another talent pool to be mined – this can save you time and effort in the application process.

4. Video conferencing – reduce the time spent around interviews and meetings by utilising video conferencing for first time interviews or ongoing meetings. With Skype and Facetime so widely used, it is easy to use the technology available to cut down on travel time and tighten up the time consuming interview process.

5. Screening – make sure every application submitted meets your minimum criteria. Use automated screening tools and ensure residency, qualifications, permits and location are all ticked off before you invest time in reviewing the applications.

6. Candidate interview prep – email out the forms needed to be completed by candidates before the interview, at least a day prior to your appointment. This will save both you and the candidate time, as they can complete them at their leisure at home and you have time to review and absorb the information before the meeting.

7. Status updates – cut down the time consuming and sometimes intrusive candidate queries by proactively providing status updates on the recruitment process to candidates. Providing them information before they seek it, allows you to cut off those individual queries and control the process. Also think about updating hiring managers or stakeholders regularly so they also feel included in the recruitment process and know when their time will be called upon.
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