SEEK Employment Trends: January 2016, with SEEK Employment Managing Director, Michael Ilczynski

This month’s SEEK Employment Trends report shows that the labour market remained steady month-on-month to January 2016 – however, beneath the surface of a seemingly still market there is a lot of movement in job advertising, particularly between the eastern and western states. SEEK Employment Managing Director, Michael Ilczynski, shares more.

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  1. amin.adineh@gmail.com'
    amin adineh

    thanks.it was so amazing,your data cheered me up.I am going to emigrate to Australia and I wish I could have a chance to get a job.
    I am doing my best I will be there by the end of September.
    Thanks any way.well done

  2. scapeworx@bigpond.com'
    Peter van Vliet

    There are still big shortages in skilled and qualified trades. I have been looking for a landscaper for 4 months to no avail.