Growth predicted for specific public sector roles

Employment numbers in the public service have stalled over the past three years; however, a number of disciplines are predicted to buck this trend.

Public sector disciplines set for job increases

So what are these elusive disciplines that are predicted to make some noise by 2018?

  • Policy analysts (+22%).
  • Police (+10%).
  • Inspectors and regulatory officers (+6%).
  • Policy and planning managers (+6%).

SEEK’s Government & Defence Industry Insights Report analyses historical and predicted employment trends produced by the Department of Employment, and, supply and demand trends produced by SEEK.

Although predictions are hard to make in a marketplace that has been relatively flat for an extended period of time, the one thing that isn’t changing is our ageing population. This all leads to structural shortages, which is putting pressure on sourcing strategies within the sector.

One of the biggest challenges facing the sector is the rapid evolution of technology and the barriers ‘key selection criteria’ can present when attracting talent. In the hunt to overcome this problem, a new question has emerged, ‘is merit really being served if the best candidates are not applying?’. With this in mind, The Australian Public Service Commission has published some questions to help public sector hiring managers think about optimising the application process:

  • How can we make the application process quick for candidates?
  • How can the application format be simplified?
  • When should we use selection criteria? How broad can we make them? How many should we limit them to?
  • What streamlined approaches could we try and where can they be piloted?
  • When should we favour more streamlined approaches (e.g. CV and letter of interest)?
  • Could we assess selection criteria at interview rather than at application stage?
  • Are we capitalising on available technology?

At SEEK, we can see that not all government roles are listed exclusively under the government and defence classification. Often, these are listed under the relevant discipline, so to understand the supply and demand trends for each industry, download a copy of our 2014 Industry Insights Report.

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