Demand for marketing specialists is set to grow

Over the past four years, employment in the marketing and communications sector has grown a meager 2%. Relatively flat on all accounts. As a result, there has been a healthy supply of candidate flow. However, that is predicted to change.

Key findings from SEEK’s Marketing and Communications Industry Insights Report

SEEK’s Marketing and Communications Industry Insights Report analyses historical and predicted employment trends produced by the Department of Employment, and supply and demand trends produced by SEEK.

Queensland and Victoria drove the largest percentage growth in ad volume over past 12 months.

3 most difficult roles to source nationally

  1. Internal communications.
  2. Product management and development.
  3. Trade marketing.

New South Wales dominates candidate supply in hard-to-source disciplines.

3 disciplines attracting the highest salaries

  1. Marketing management ($99,441–$126,118).
  2. Trade marketing ($104,857–$123,142).
  3. Product management and development ($92,800–$115,444).
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